Social Media Tools that Will Increase Your Reach

Is it March already? Well, and in no time we’ll be celebrating Christmas and New year and so on. And the time will pass just when you were posting on social media without anyone even noticing it.

Is this really what your time is worth?

Are you doing it justice? Because posting content is not going to get you engagement, but the right content, good content, correct hashtags, good design and ample of other factors is what you need to work on.

Too much, is it? Well, not really. Come on it’s 2019, and we have tools for EVERYTHING! The only problem is that we have too many of them.

No social media advertising agency can do without good social media tools. So, our team decided to jot down the most useful social media advertising tools.

We divided the social media tools into four parts to make it easy for you:

  1. Writing Tools
  2. Design Tools
  3. Video Tools
  4. Scheduling and Analytics Tools

1 . Writing Tools

Of course, we are all aware of it, probably even using it. But let’s not underestimate the power of correct English.

Out of all the social media tools we mention, writing tools are one you’ll need the most. Even the best social media advertising agencies put the most emphasis on an error-free copy. We being humans, do tend to miss out on some unless you are Grammar nazi!

It just takes a minute! Save yourself a ton of trouble with it.

What kind of trouble you ask? This blog by Hubspot explains exactly what kind of trouble.

There are a ton of alternatives for all the ones mentioned above, but these tops our list!

2 . Design Tools

Of course, you had to expect this from us!

Do you think people will even stop to read your content if it is not up with a good image?

Well, what kind out social media marketer are you if you need a designer every time you have to put up a post.

These are the most prefered apps by our team.

Both of these provide a ton of options and templates. Plus they are extremely easy to use. 🙂

Be it resizing an image, creating attractive visuals, these tools have been of great help and a huge time saver as well!

Well, yes you might not find everything you need on these tools.

Sometimes you’ll need a few extra images. Of course, these tools help you create a great final image, but you do need a few additional sites handy.

These sites are like heaven on earth for us. You can find almost any sort of images you need, and most of them are for free!

P.S. Giving photo credit is the least we can do!

Also, if you want to get an idea of how real images can add a spark to your content, check out Blog headers by Hootsuite.

We love the way they relate the human images to technical blogs!

3 Video Making Tools

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

And 78% of people say that videos help generate more traffic. So why should we refrain ourselves from videos?

No, it’s not going to take a decade to create one. Apps these days have made creating a video very easy! Video creating tools are gaining the most popularity amongst all social media advertising tools.

Look out for lumen5 (our teams love it)

Lumen5 analyzes the content of the post and creates a video storyboard of the same. It even recommends relevant images and videos.

Also, here are a few alternatives you might want to get your hands on.

4 Scheduling and Analytics Tools

Well, now that we know how to create excellent content with lesser time, does not mean that we’ll be spending all our time posting it on various social media channels.

Especially when there are 100’s of them!

Scheduling and analytics tools are the best forms of social media tools. Even the best social media advertising services cannot do without these.

Yes, they do make the work pretty easy!

We just cannot pick one. There are too many of them. And they are all really good!

These are the ones we are obsessed with. There are a lot of alternatives out there if you want to give it a try.

Pro tip:  Do not miss out on the analytics part.

After all the efforts you have put brainstorming for the content, creating it and posting it, you definitely do not want to miss out on the result.

Also, analytics not only tell you how well your content is performing, but they say what your audience wants.

Digging a bit deeper into analytics will provide a good understanding of your audience. The demographics do say a lot, so pay attention.

All the social media platforms do provide analytics, but sometimes they are just confusing or do not have the metrics that you need. So most of the scheduling tools offer analytics. And if the one you are using that doesn’t have one, shift NOW!

Last but definitely not least!


Oh yes, that’s not a tool of course. But it must be the base of your content. Keeping it witty, Crisp and SIMPLE  is the most complex thing you’ll have to work on!

We hope you enjoyed it, also if you have any better alternatives in mind to the above-mentioned tools, please let you know in the comments section below.


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